Sunday, 23 March 2014

New In: Cosmetics

I've been eyeing on a cream blush for quite some time and it happened - I got hold of Topshop one. Bright pink in 'Aftenoon tea' shade, £7. I'm really happy with this one as all my expectation are met. Easy and quick to use, mirror inside, solid plastic, vivid colour, reasonably cheap, and and and the package is really cool. Should I ask for more?

This cream blush is so easy to apply with a brush. Great girly pink is just what I need. It gives you a doll-like look unlike peachy shades which make you look fresh and natural. But right now I want it to be a bit theatrical (it's probably my suppressed needs which my alter ego want to hide, hehe).

I also bought these lip glosses/lip lacquers from Rimmel; the red shade is from Russia, other two are from Superdrug on special offer 2 for £9.


My favourite red that I've been searching for and finally found. A very good juicy sexy red. Glad Rimmel made it.


To be honest, this fuchsia pink looks very similar to bright red 'Big Bang' above. But still you can see a hint being a tad bit pinker. This is most probably the camera rendering colours this way.


A voluptuous colour of red wine. I've been looking for something burgundy but yet again it's not the perfect burgundy I wanted. Still a good pick, to my mind.

And a whole look.


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Late Birthday Post

Although my birthday was two weeks ago, I'd like to share with you what I was wearing. We just had a simple dinner at Wagamama and I ordered some hot green salad with 'bok choi' (which, I googled just now, turned out to be Chinese cabbage) and I didn't quite like it. The girl that was attending to us was like 'Did you like it?' and then I was like 'Ermmm, well... not really, but this is really good' (pointing at the other dish). And after a couple minutes she came up to us again telling 'We can take it off your bill then'. I hadn't feel so ashamed since my school years, I think... But that was good anyway - saving some money, yay?

As gifts I got a couple of jewellery pieces. Good stuff!

dress - asos, shoes - aldo, lipstick - rimmel apocalips lip lacquer in eclipse shade